PHYSIOKINETIC is eager to deliver the best physiotherapy care supported with evidence-based practice. We offer evidence based treatments ranging from acute injury to post-operative rehabilitation. We aim to provide most current and advanced treatments supported by various cutting-edge researches. Our goal is to make your life and daily activities comfortable and pain-free. Achieve your best recovery through personalised physiotherapy services integrated with individual exercise program.

Practitioner: Kay Kim 
Musculoskeletal physiotherapist
B.Physio, member of APA,
Member of MSK group of APA

Kay Kim has been working as a musculoskeletal physiotherapist and experienced various fields encompassing public/private hospital (outpatient, respiratory, orthopedic, neurology), nursing home, and community health.

Main treatment models used for musculoskeletal condition includes Cognitive functional therapy by Peter O’sullivan, Mulligan concept, Maitland’s spinal manual therapy, Motor-control retraining for lumbo-pelvic rhythm, and clinical pilates.

Do you know the pain cycle?
Pain cycle can begin from injury and the pain usually increases tension of involved structures, which results in abnormal movement pattern. The problem is that our body cannot automatically resolve its abnormal pattern in most cases. Rather than that, our body compensates the problem by using alternative muscles that can even aggravates your pain.

Then, what do I have to do to get rid of the pain?

The answer can be simple. If you diconnect one of the links – then the cycle stops and your pain can be reduced. We help you to break the cycle with various methods including dry needling, stretching program, joint treatment, and individualised exercise program.

How do you prevent re-injury?
You are able to maintain your condition and prevent re-injury with physiokinetic. You will be provided with home exercise program that will assist you in managing your condition for preventing re-injury.

Each of us has different body shape and different strategy of movements. Thus, you need to understand how your body works for the best rehabilitation.

Posture analysis
Because your body is different to others, your exercise must be different to others. To find out the best and proper exercise for you, your posture / body pattern will be analysed at our clinic. We use real-time video feedback for you to understand your movement pattern for your recovery. Learn how your body works and start your personalised exercise program.

Dry needling coupled with joint treatment
When dry needling treatment is performed properly with combination of joint treatment – you obtain rapid improvement and the pain can be reduced significantly. We aim to reduce muscle tension dramatically through combined treatments of dry needing and joint mobilisation treatment.

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